Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Solution: ‘hpc20155.xml' on HP LaserJet P2015 Series CD is needed

Problem Description:

When trying to install an HP Laserjet P2015, a window pops up that says: “'hpc20155.xml' on HP LaserJet P2015 Series CD is needed”. This file is not located on the install CD, is not part of the driver package that is available from the HP support website. The installation cannot be completed if you get this error message.

System Info:

Dell Optiplex 755; Win XP (32-bit);

Steps already taken:

-Followed the suggestion from this link, which is to:
Disable Windows Update -- Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Windows Update, set the option to "Never search Windows Update for drivers"
Install driver
Reenable Windows Update

… which, of course, did not work.


Thanks to bjones at the Brett and Cherish Jones website, for posting this fix.

You have to end a .inf file from Microsoft to get it to work.  Open up c:\windows\inf\oem16.inf in your favorite text editor.  Search for "hpc20155.xml" and you will find this section:

;hp LaserJet 2015 files

Change  hpc20155.xml,,,0x0000002 to hpc2015.xml,,,0x00000020  (take out the last 5 in hpc20155.xml).  Save it and go back to add a new printer in windows.  This should fix the problem. 

There is one thing to add, however: the name of the oem inf file might be slightly different on different computers. Easiest way to find it is to go to Start –> Search –> Files and Folders; Set your search location to C:\Windows\Inf, and enter “hpc20155.xml” in the field labeled "”A word or phrase in the file”. If you get multiple results, you’ll have to check them one by one; just follow the rest of the bjones’ walkthrough from that point on.


Sugato said...

This works!

I don't know why no one has said so.

Ishita said...

my hpc20155.xml turned up in oem36.inf. thanks for the following search tip: Start –> Search –> Files and Folders; Set your search location to C:\Windows\Inf, and enter “hpc20155.xml”

hours wasted and it was a 2 minute fix! you guys/gals rock!

Decidedly So said...

Thank you so much for posting this solution! I don't even know how much time it saved me or how much money it saved my employer because after the error message was displayed, I just googled "hpc20155.xml" and found this website. I'm very grateful. Thanks again!

Brett said...

I'm glad this works! I had a P2015 at work and one day it stopped working. I spent some time off and on trying to get it to work until I told the guys I needed a new one. We were going to have to order a new printer and I had a slow day at work so I figured I would spend the day to figure out the fix. It's funny how many people have this problem and HP and MS won't fix it - I get at least 50 hits a day on my post for the fix. It's my #1 read post and by far the most commented post.

Thanks for posting the fix and the credit!


Steve said...

Thank you so much!! It's quite ridiculous for a company such as HP to make people go through this! You saved a great deal of time, energy and effort!!

c said...

Thank you VERY much. It seems to have worked for me. MS and HP need to fix this.

Michael said...

Arghhh! I'm getting the error message, but I can't even find the hpc file on my HDD!!

Any suggestions?

sam said...

thanx so much ... my prob was solved by ur suggestion !!!!!

karimunjawa said...

It wasn't in oem16, and I panicked until I saw the search by keyword. Found it in oem19... thanks for the guidance!!!

irma jr said...

I don't know how or why you knew how to do this.

Totally works. Thanks so much!

Eric said...

as always ya all rock , thanx 4 the fix worked like a charm.

Rung A. Bung said...

SWEET!! THIS WORKED!!! Thank you!!

My file showed up in oem46.inf. Initially I couldn't find it in oem16 and freaked out too hahaha, then thankfully noticed the search tip ;)

Sean said...

This worked. I wasted 2 hours installing and reinstalling. Kept looking for files that didn't exist. Using XP SP3. I tried every driver HP had for the 2015.

Thank you very much.

heather ekstrom said...

Thank you! It still took me all day to get it to work, but I am finally able to print after almost a year of going without! I went to notepad and opened C:\Windows\Inf, then toggled all files, and was finally able to scroll to see the oem files. Mine was oem12. I did CTRL F and looked for hpc20155.xml. It is the first one that comes up, below [data_files], not automation, and deleted the end 5, and hit save (only change the one under data files!). I then was able to go under settings and add a printer. I did not do so well in computer programming and was really struggling to find even the windows\inf folder... I was about to look for a new printer today and wanted to give it one more go, thanks again! Saved myself $500:)